Portable Floor Scales

Floor scales are great for weighing heavy products, but sometimes portability is more important.  JP Bowlin offers numerous options for floor scales that either have wheels or are light enough to be carried.  Some scales come with indicators, while others allow you to add your own indicator.  If a larger platform size is important, we offer portability frames for our standard 4’ X 4’ floor scales which allows you to safely move the entire 4’ X 4’ floor scale and indicator using a fork lift or pallet jack.  Please contact JP Bowlin for help with selecting the best portable floor scale for your application.

Fairbanks – 1100 Series

The 1100 Series Portable Scale runs on AC power or a built-in rechargeable battery, enabling it to operate virtually anywhere. An ergonomic handle makes moving the rugged, cast iron platform easy, even in space-limited environments.

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Fairbanks – 1155 Series Portable Digital Utility Scale

Fairbanks’ 1155 Series combines digital electronics with reliable, mechanical weighing to create a general purpose, 1000 pound capacity utility scale that is approved for commercial applications. The full-numeric keypad provides easy means for manual input of tare weights and product IDs.

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Rice Lake – DeckHand Portable Scales

The DeckHand™ Portable Scale is a mobile floor scale with indicator platform. Partnered with one of Rice Lake’s battery-operated indicators, such as the IQ plus® 390-DC or IQ plus® 590-DC, you have a clearly visible weight anywhere the scale is located. If product is loaded off-center, all four corners of the platform weigh perfectly, so weight is measured accurately from anywhere on the platform. Take this scale to any work area for immediate weights of large stationary items.

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B-TEK – Weigh-A-Round

The B-TEK Weigh-A-Round is the ideal solution for applications requiring a portable scale. The scale can be built in a wide variety of configurations.

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B-TEK – Weighbars

B-TEK Weighbars are a low-profile scale offering quality construction and components at an affordable price-point. The Weighbars are built to meet the requirements of light industrial and commercial applications.

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Intercomp – RFX Wireless CW250 Platform Scale

Integrated RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology makes the CW250™ Scale is ideal for weighing 55 gallon drums, chlorine cylinders, propane bottles, freon/puron tanks, hazardous medical waste and other liquid or gaseous containers. Wireless weighing improves safety and scale can be controlled from the optional Handheld RFX™ Wireless Weighing Indicator.

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