Portion Control Scales

In the food service, food processing and baking industries, it’s important to make sure that your hand-weighed ingredients are correct to minimize waste.  The wet, dusty and messy environment is also a big consideration because the scales will need to hold up.  Features very greatly, as some portion control scales even prompt the operators through what ingredients to enter in the formula to guarantee consistent batches.  Let JP Bowlin help you choose the best portion control scale for your business.

Doran – PC-500 Portion Control Scale Series

Doran leads the way with the PC-500, an IP66 washdown safe and rugged scale. The result of more than 30 years of design experience, the innovative PC-500 delivers a scale that tackles harsh environments of Washdown, Foodservice, and Industrial applications. Long battery life and a sleek, low profile design makes the PC-500 a perfect solution for your weighing needs.

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Doran – FC6300 Formula Control System

In today’s competitive marketplace, reducing production costs is a sure path to greater profits. Doran’s Formula Control has been guiding production plants along that path with ingredient savings of at least 1.8% – even more. Combine lower ingredient costs with the elimination of the money wasted on bad batches and you can understand why successful companies are investing in the FC6300 Formula Control System.

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A&D – HL-WP Series

HL-WP Series is the latest addition to the popular TITAN waterproof digital scales. In addition to the high resolution (1/3000) feature, the HL-WP comes standard with stainless steel body making it both dust and water proof. The HL-WP is even “Dishwasher Safe”!

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A&D – SK-WP Series

Perfect choice for applications that require washing after use!

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CAS – SW series

Compact in design and easy to use portion control scale for use in a variety of applications. AC or battery operated Legal for trade (SW Only). Use in restaurants, specialty stores, farmer’s markets and more!

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