Stroboscopes (or “Strobes”) allow the user to view a piece of equipment moving at high speed in a state of “stopped motion” by matching the flash of the light to the speed of the piece of equipment moving.  Stroboscopes are commonly used for quality control, motion analysis and maintenance procedures including production line checks, gear movement and engagement, propellers, turbines, monitoring vibrating parts, oil leak checks, and many other uses.  JP Bowlin is here to help with your stroboscope needs.

Shimpo – DT900 TechStrobe

The TechStrobe from SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS is the perfect tool for slow motion or stop action stroboscopic inspection. The SHIMPO TechStrobe is the only palm size unit to include a phase shift feature. Phase shifting allows the TechStrobe operator to advance or retard the flash timing by degrees of angle, without changing the actual flash rate (FPM) of the TechStrobe.

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Shimpo – DT-315P

The DT-315P is a rugged, sealed NEMA 4X (IP65) Stroboscope suitable for working in areas without AC power. The DT-315P works just like the DT-315A battery operated strobe.

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Shimpo – DT-326 (LED) SaberStrobe

The DT-326 is a portable stroboscope utilizing super bright LED’s in a robust, durable all metal design. The DT-326’s unique LED array provides an accurate, stable strobe light. The innovative LED design allows for a longer flash life – 5 times longer than traditional xenon flashtubes!

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Shimpo – DT-315A

The DT-315A heavy duty, battery powered stroboscope possesses the same great features of the DT-311A with the added convenience of total portability via its own internal power supply. The quick recharge battery lasts up to four hours of full continuous usage with its high intensity flash rate.

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Shimpo – DT-311A

The DT-311A stroboscope provides the illusion of “stopped motion”: by adjusting the strobe’s flash rate, equipment appear to be standing still or in slow motion. The DT-311A also measure rotational (RPM) or reciprocating (strokes per minute) speeds with the same precision as an electronic digital tachometer.

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Shimpo – DT- 311J Stroboscope

The DT-311J is used to set injection timing, injection pressure, timing of shedding and weft running time of weaving machinery.

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Shimpo – DT-725 Stroboscope

Constructed of strengthened high impact plastic, these rugged units are exceptionally reliable and withstand the same harsh conditions as more expensive units.

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Shimpo – DT-361 Stroboscope

The DT-361 High-Intensity LED Stroboscope is a velocity analyzing and measuring device that is ideal for machinery process inspection. The DT-361 Stroboscope is capable of flashing its LED lights in a synchronous frequency to the operating machinery, creating the illusion of viewing slowed or frozen images.

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Shimpo – ST-5000 Stroboscope-Tachometer

The ST-5000 combination stroboscope/tachometer portable velocity analyzing and measuring device is ideal for machinery process inspection. The 2 in 1 unit eliminates the need to purchase and carry around two separate test instruments, plus streamlines time to analyze process machinery.

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Shimpo – DT-315AEB Stroboscope

The DT-315AEB Portable Stroboscope with Rechargeable Battery incorporates a robust, extruded aluminum housing with a precise, repeatable accuracy allowing it to be the solution for the most demanding applications.

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