JP Bowlin offers torque measurement solutions for handheld testing, bottle or container top testing and torque wrench, screwdriver and tool testing.  Our torque testing solutions from Ametek Chatillon and Shimpo provide high accuracy at reasonable prices.  Best of all, we can calibrate, repair and service these torque testers locally.  Let us know how we can help with your torque testing needs.

Chatillon – DFS II R ND Series Digital Force Gauges (Remote Non-Dedicated with STS Torque Sensor)

The Chatillon® DFS II Series with remote STS carries all of the features of the DFS II in a package that provides the user with the ability to perform torque measurements. The DFS II-R-ND allows the user to change STS sensors adding the flexibility of having one base indicator and several load cells to meet different testing needs. The head unit can also be used with SLC load cells providing one unit to perform all force and torque testing.

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Shimpo – TNP Torque Meter Tester

The Series TNP Digital Torque Meter is a precision instrument for measuring OPEN and CLOSE torque values for various applications.

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Shimpo – TT-Series

The TT Digital Torque Tool Tester is a simple operation test instrument for quickly checking torque tool performance. The TT Series provides exceptional accuracy for measuring torque on various products including torque wrenches, manual screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers, pneumatic screwdrivers and other torque controlled power tools.

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