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At J.P. Bowlin we pride ourselves on “solutions to measure by”. We believe that there is not one specific solution for every application. Some of our competitors are forced to offer only one solution because they are limited by only carrying products from one or two manufacturers. Our team utilizes the knowledge that we have gained since opening our doors in 1931 as well as our relationships with our numerous manufacturing partners to create the best solutions for your specific applications.

Sure, we sell all kinds of products for simple, basic weighing, measuring and testing applications. But we can also use our in-house experts and our resources at each of the manufacturers that we represent to design and implement exactly what you need. Here are some examples of the custom solutions that we have created for customers:

  • Custom weighing systems installed around the world for the F-35 fighter jets that use individual hydraulic lifts and load cells to weigh the jets and move it at different angles to determine center of gravity and changes due to fuel distribution.
  • Hydraulic test frames with calibration grade load cells for an airline to use to verify and calibrate their crane scales and load cells in house at service facilities around the world.
  • Custom data acquisition program that allows a force testing system to automatically log onto a customer’s password protected server and transmit data after each test to a designated folder on their server.
  • Proprietary load cells that were designed for a pharmaceutical company to mount between the leg and the caster of portable vessels to provide accurate weighments so batching can be done by moving their tanks from weigh suite to weigh suite and allowing data can be collected at the end of the batching process.
  • Numerous custom programs written to control manufacturing processes or capture data and provide specialized calculations for customers.

These are just a few examples.  Contact us today for a free consultation for a custom solution to your weighing, force measurement or testing needs.

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