Premier Truck Scale Calibrations Exclusive to JP Bowlin

JP Bowlin is unique when it comes to servicing and calibrating truck scales and rail scales. We have 2 heavy duty test trucks with certified test carts located in Fort Worth, Texas. This allows us to offer truck scale calibrations with certified weights at 43,000 lbs. Having 2 test trucks with certified test carts also means we can offer these unique services:

  • Concentrating the load over each individual load cell to more effectively check the health of each cell
  • Check each section’s deck span at 43,000 lbs
  • Perform build-up test to 100,000 lbs – a unique calibration service only offered by JPB!

Calibration at these higher loads will allow us to find issues with the repeatability, load cells, suspension and decking that testing to a lower load will not uncover.

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