Measurement Equipment Services

Measurement Equipment Services


We are a full service, quality driven, measurement company. We can repair your equipment at your location, or in-house at one of our three locations. Either way, our turn around times are faster than most manufacturers and distributors in the industry. We repair a variety of non-weighing equipment, including:

  • Force Gauges
  • Material Testing and Universal Testing Machines
  • Torque Gauges
  • Pipettes
  • Oven Controllers
  • And much more…


When it comes to force measurement and material testing equipment like tension and compression testing systems, our installation, training and testing support can’t be matched.  We offer on-site installation services to ensure that your new testing system is calibrated and operating correctly and accurately when we install the system at your location.  We also offer training on the system and the software used to operate the machine (if applicable) for operators and supervisors.  Our Technician will also spend time with the supervisors helping them set up their test(s) correctly, and running samples with them to ensure that they are capturing the data that they need.  Our service doesn’t stop there.  We offer phone and e-mail support after we leave your site because we know that questions will come up after the system has been used.  We offer multi-year calibration agreements and assistance with software training and test creation and consulting that can be scheduled when it’s convenient for your team.  We have experts on staff that have traveled all over the US to support customers and installations.

What makes us different from the competition in the material testing and force measurement world?  To sum it up in one phrase, it’s Total Cost of Ownership.  We will support you after the sale without any expensive and binding contracts.  Ask the “big guys” about their support contracts.  In fact, when preparing for a purchase of a material testing system, don’t just compare the cost of the equipment for the initial purchase.  Think about the costs for installation, calibration, training and service support for years after the sale.  In reality, many quality testing systems like the brands that we represent have life spans of 10-20 years or longer!  We are local and we pride ourselves on providing service for material testing systems that is comparable to the biggest and best brands in the industry, but at a much fairer price.  Contact JP Bowlin and ask us about the Bowlin difference!

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