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JP Bowlin offers a variety of training and installation options for equipment that we sell in order to provide turnkey solutions for our customers.  We can ensure that the system you purchase is installed correctly, and we offer thorough training for your operators on how to use it so that you are up and running as quickly as possible.

Industrial Scale and Weighing Installations
Titan Portable

JP Bowlin offers on-site installations on all types of industrial scales and load cells.  You can be certain that that your install will be done correctly, quickly, and, most of all, safely.

We routinely install:

  • Truck and axle scales (including moving and re-installation and overhauls)
  • Railroad scales
  • Load Cells under tanks, hoppers and vessels
  • Software systems and process controllers
  • Floor scales in pits
  • Fork lift scales
  • Custom weighing solutions

Our goal is to be your single source partner for all of your weighing needs.

Force Measurement and Materials Testing Installs
force measurement and materials testing installation

Purchasing a force measurement or materials testing system can be difficult.

Ensuring that the system you choose will meet your testing needs is only part of the challenge.  Understanding how to use the software that controls the testing system, setting up your test recipes for the best results, ensuring that you have the correct testing fixtures and accessories for your samples, and having your load cell and testing system calibrated on-site for the best accuracy are all things to consider.

We provide:

  • On-site installation of testing systems – from bench mounted single column units to large 300kN floor standing units.
  • On-site calibration for testing systems and load cells to achieve better accuracy and meet ASTM E4 standards.
  • Thorough training on materials testing and data analysis software and use of all testing system accessories (extensometers, temperature chambers, etc) for supervisors and operators with no limit on the number of people trained.
  • Assistance with test recipe creation to ensure that testing standard is being followed and that desired data and test results are achieved.
  • Custom test programs written in software to perform unique combinations of machine movements or data acquisition.
  • Assistance with data transfer or networking of system software to customer’s server or 3rd party quality control/SPC software.
  • IQ/OQ services to help customers achieve compliance to requirements like FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Custom inputs of 3rd party equipment or third party software to testing system and testing software to capture more data during testing.
  • Recommendations on ways to improve testing procedure or process to achieve customer’s desired testing results.
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance and calibration of testing system to ensure years of reliable testing.
Training Services
training services

Often the most valuable asset you can possess is knowledge.  That’s why J.P. Bowlin offers a variety of training services to our customers.  We often tailor this to each customer’s specific needs so that we make sure that you get the training that you need. 

We offer:

  • Software training for Lloyd Instrument’s Nexygen Plus materials testing software and Shimadzu’s Trapezium X testing software.
  • Refresher training on using different types of systems including custom process weighing systems, force measurement and materials testing systems, custom software programs, etc.
  • Scale Basics 101 – an introduction to scale and load cell basics and how to troubleshoot and repair the most common service issues we see.
IQ/OQ Services
iq qq services

In some industries, new equipment must go through a validation process when first installed.  This is commonplace in the pharmaceutical industry and for medical device manufacturers regulated by the FDA.

Generally called IQ/OQ/PQ (installation qualification, operational qualification, and performance qualification), this process is meant to ensure that the equipment purchased will perform as promised and helps to confirm that certain levels of quality are adhered to during the manufacturing process.

J.P. Bowlin can help with the IQ/OQ process and assist you with your validation needs.

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