Food and Beverage Processing

We carry products from bench and floor scales to load cells with mounts for tanks and hoppers to that are designed for the challenging environments of food and beverage manufacturing.  If you want more accuracy in your process, we carry the Sartorius Industrial product line which offers the highest resolution industrial equipment in the world.

Our team of in-house experts can also custom design a system to automate your mixing, blending or production process and guarantee a healthy ROI, while our 24/7 Service Department will ensure that your downtime is limited.  JP Bowlin’s safety rating can’t be matched, and you can rest assured that your equipment is accurate when we perform calibrations for you.  Why take a chance to save a few dollars when you can go with the local experts?

Solution Categories

Extreme Environment Washdown

When scales are used in production, they are often used in very challenging environments.  Whether it’s a caustic environment, an extremely wet environment, or a dirty environment requiring a high pressure wash down, we have the scale or load cells for the job.  This is just a sampling of the stainless steel, IP69K and NEMA
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Floor Scales

It seems like everyone sells floor scales these days, and this has created a real need for “buyer beware”.  Some floor scales on the internet are marketed as “industrial strength”, but are actually veterinary scales with larger piece of steel on top.  JP Bowlin offers a wide variety of durable floor scale and indicator packages
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Food Service Scales

Scales and load cells are an important part of the food production industry for hand weighing in small batches or for automated mixing in very large batches.  Many times this equipment is used in wet, dusty or messy environments that requires stainless steel water and dust resistant design to meet HAACP requirements.  JP Bowlin has
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Minebea Intec Industrial High Resolution

The Sartorius Industrial (Sartorius Intec) products in the Industrial Scale, Tank and Hopper and Inspection product lines are now branded as “Minebea Intec”. Minebea purchased all of Sartorius’ industrial scale assets in 2015, including their manufacturing facilities in Germany. Therefore, all of the current high resolution industrial scale and weighing products with “Made-In-Germany-Quality” that you
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Portion Control Scales

In the food service, food processing and baking industries, it’s important to make sure that your hand-weighed ingredients are correct to minimize waste.  The wet, dusty and messy environment is also a big consideration because the scales will need to hold up.  Features very greatly, as some portion control scales even prompt the operators through
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Static Check Weighing

Checkweighers are used in a variety of applications when a target weight is desired and products or samples are placed on the scale to see if they are over or under the target.  JP Bowlin has a variety of checkweighers with accessories like light trees, data export capabilities and buzzers.

Tank and Hopper Weighing

J.P. Bowlin can install load cells on your tanks, hoppers and silos to capture accurate weights on your products. By adding a programmable indicator, we can turn your weighing system into a process control system by controlling valves, mixers and other parts of your tanks and capturing data from the process. Contact us to discuss
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Texture Analysis

For the food production or baking industries, the texture of the food is almost as important as the taste.  JP Bowlin offers texture analysis systems to measure process variations and provide sensory evaluation.  Types of texture analysis tests include chewiness, firmness, fracture, stickiness, toughness and work, to name a few.  Testing software used in conjunction
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Scale & Weighing Equipment Repair

From micro balances to truck scales and everything in between, we can get you up and running quickly and efficiently.  We can repair, install and re-locate most brands and models of scales and weighing equipment. Here is what separates J.P. Bowlin  from other repair and calibration companies: Safety focused team with a historically low EMR
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24/7 Emergency Service

We know that weighing and measurement equipment is critical to your process.  Therefore, when your equipment goes down, your business is down. That’s why J.P. Bowlin  offers 24/7 emergency service and repair.  We have Technicians “on call” 365 days a year.   Our normal Service Department hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 – 5:00.  Simply call us
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Calibration Services

“Easy Cal” Calibration Agreements

Having a Calibration Agreement with J.P. Bowlin for your weighing and measurement equipment is a great way to save money and simplify your calibrations.  Because we are able to plan ahead for our customers on calibration agreements and we can group multiple customers in close proximity together, we are able to avoid trip and travel charges
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Easy Cal Program

Since 1931, the JP Bowlin Company has focused on providing tailored Calibration Programs to fit the requirements of our customers.  Our EASY CAL program allows our organization to build programs to assist your company with it’s calibration needs across a wide range of devices, industries and locations. Quality: Our experienced technicians calibrate your testing and
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Application Stories

Fish farm needed automated system for better tracking and error reduction

A fish farm was manually tracking how much feed was put into each individual pond and then recording that information into a database at a central office.  With over 100 ponds being used this manual system was very labor intensive and led to many errors on the hand written reports.

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Seafood Company in Houston area with unreliable scales and programming

Seafood Company in Houston area had a bagging system with two Weightronix indicators that had custom programs in them. Scales were hooked up to a light tree to tell operator when the hopper was full of product (shrimp). Once full, hopper would automatically dump, spray a predetermined amount of water and tell the bagging system below it had a full bag and should seal and cut it. Unfortunately, the scales were unreliable, the program seemed to lock up or not show correct display, and the scales were not fast enough to keep up with bagging system and did not have the preferred output to bagger.

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Pasta Manufacturer Needs to Determine Proper Cooking Time

Lloyd Instruments has launched a new test fixture designed specifically to meet the quality assessment requirements of spaghetti, pasta and noodles producers.  The Spaghetti and Noodle Compression attachment fits the TA1 texture analyzer and is designed to take thickness measurements of the cooked product in order to calculate a range of parameters including sample compressibility.
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brewing tanks

Tracking and Dispensing Grain into Brewing Tanks

A new microbrewery in the rapidly expanding Texas craft beer scene wanted a way to accurately track the amount of grain they were using so they could manage their inventory and re-order product at the correct time. Simultaneously, they wanted a way to accurately dispense the correct amount of grain from one large outdoor grain
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