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Custom Weighing Systems

The JP Bowlin company knows that the applications are endless when it comes to weighing or measuring products or materials.  Therefore, we use our extensive knowledge of load cells, weighing instruments and measurement equipment to meet your specific needs, and to give you a competitive advantage with a return on your investment.  Contact us today
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Force Measurement Equipment

Force Measurement instruments are used in a variety of industries and applications.  Typically used in R&D, quality control or finished goods testing in production environments, test stands and force gauges provide valuable data to ensure that goods are meeting or exceeding specifications.  JP Bowlin represents force measurement equipment from leading manufacturers like Ametek Chatillon and
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Material Testing Equipment

JP Bowlin’s material testing equipment lineup simply cannot be matched in the industry.  We offer a complete line of testing equipment ranging from handheld force gauges to software driven servo hydraulic testing machines, and everything in between.  From less than a gram to 1000kN forces, we’ve got you covered.  Representing multiple manufacturers, including Ametek Lloyd
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Scales and Weighing

Listed here you will find an extensive offering of weighing solutions. JP Bowlin has relationships with over 30 major manufacturers so we are able to guarantee the Best Solution possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if what you are looking for is not listed.

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Scale & Weighing Equipment Repair

From micro balances to truck scales and everything in between, we can get you up and running quickly and efficiently.  We can repair, install and re-locate most brands and models of scales and weighing equipment. Here is what separates J.P. Bowlin  from other repair and calibration companies: Safety focused team with a historically low EMR
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24/7 Emergency Service

We know that weighing and measurement equipment is critical to your process.  Therefore, when your equipment goes down, your business is down. That’s why J.P. Bowlin  offers 24/7 emergency service and repair.  We have Technicians “on call” 365 days a year.   Our normal Service Department hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 – 5:00.  Simply call us
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Calibration Services

“Easy Cal” Calibration Agreements

Having a Calibration Agreement with J.P. Bowlin for your weighing and measurement equipment is a great way to save money and simplify your calibrations.  Because we are able to plan ahead for our customers on calibration agreements and we can group multiple customers in close proximity together, we are able to avoid trip and travel charges
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Easy Cal Program

Since 1931, the JP Bowlin Company has focused on providing tailored Calibration Programs to fit the requirements of our customers.  Our EASY CAL program allows our organization to build programs to assist your company with it’s calibration needs across a wide range of devices, industries and locations. Quality: Our experienced technicians calibrate your testing and
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Application Stories

Helicopter company experienced inaccurate blade weight

Helicopter Company in Dallas area was having issues with newly installed scale not weighing the blades accurately or consistently.  They called Nicol Scales to see if we could provide a better solution or a fix to their weighing problem.  They had 2 scale bases placed 16 feet apart from each other under a 25’ structure made from channel steel. What they did not see was that the structure our competitor had installed was the difference between good weighing and bad weighing. The flexing of the framework caused errors greater than what the Metrology people at the Helicopter Company would pass nor was the scale repeatable.

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Net Weigh Filling Application for Bulk Powder Used in Drywall

Recently JP Bowlin completed a net weigh filling application utilizing a single overhead bin that functions as a scale with a diverter valve to discharge product in controlled amounts to two operator stations with a new Rinstrum R400 Series controller replacing an old PLC. The product is a bulk powder used in drywall. Each operator
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