Medical / Pharmaceutical / Cosmetics

Whether it’s precision balances, force or material testing products or calibration services, JP Bowlin is the best solution for your manufacturing or quality/R&D environment.

We know that Medical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic customers operate in a highly regulated industry.  We are a trusted partner to many in this industry because of our quality standards, our excellent safety rating and our team of highly trained calibration and repair Technicians.

Solution Categories

Balances – Analytical

As a Leading Distributor of balances from some of the finest brands in the world, we are able to offer everything from micro balances that read in micro-grams to analytical balances for your laboratory or R&D use. We are a leading Distributor and Service Center for Sartorius and Shimadzu, and we stock a variety of
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Balances – Precision

Precision balances are commonly used when accuracy and repeatability are important, but when an analytical balance is not necessary.  Precision balances can be used in production, quality control or laboratory and R&D environments.  We offer a variety of balances with different features, capacities and price points from great brands like Sartorius, Shimadzu, A&D and Ohaus. 
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Drum Scales

When weighing drums or portable tanks you need a low profile scale that will accommodate your drums.  Depending on the application, features like ramps, portabaility and the material that the scale is made of may be important.  JP Bowlin offers a variety of drum scales that are sure to meet any drum filling or weighing
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Force Measurement Equipment

Force Measurement instruments are used in a variety of industries and applications.  Typically used in R&D, quality control or finished goods testing in production environments, test stands and force gauges provide valuable data to ensure that goods are meeting or exceeding specifications.  JP Bowlin represents force measurement equipment from leading manufacturers like Ametek Chatillon and
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Material Testing Equipment

JP Bowlin’s material testing equipment lineup simply cannot be matched in the industry.  We offer a complete line of testing equipment ranging from handheld force gauges to software driven servo hydraulic testing machines, and everything in between.  From less than a gram to 1000kN forces, we’ve got you covered.  Representing multiple manufacturers, including Ametek Lloyd
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Minebea Intec Industrial High Resolution

The Sartorius Industrial (Sartorius Intec) products in the Industrial Scale, Tank and Hopper and Inspection product lines are now branded as “Minebea Intec”. Minebea purchased all of Sartorius’ industrial scale assets in 2015, including their manufacturing facilities in Germany. Therefore, all of the current high resolution industrial scale and weighing products with “Made-In-Germany-Quality” that you
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Tank and Hopper Weighing

J.P. Bowlin can install load cells on your tanks, hoppers and silos to capture accurate weights on your products. By adding a programmable indicator, we can turn your weighing system into a process control system by controlling valves, mixers and other parts of your tanks and capturing data from the process. Contact us to discuss
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Scale & Weighing Equipment Repair

From micro balances to truck scales and everything in between, we can get you up and running quickly and efficiently.  We can repair, install and re-locate most brands and models of scales and weighing equipment. Here is what separates J.P. Bowlin  from other repair and calibration companies: Safety focused team with a historically low EMR
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Measurement Equipment Services

Repair: We are a full service, quality driven, measurement company. We can repair your equipment at your location, or in-house at one of our three locations. Either way, our turn around times are faster than most manufacturers and distributors in the industry. We repair a variety of non-weighing equipment, including: Force Gauges Material Testing and
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Calibration Services

“Easy Cal” Calibration Agreements

Having a Calibration Agreement with J.P. Bowlin for your weighing and measurement equipment is a great way to save money and simplify your calibrations.  Because we are able to plan ahead for our customers on calibration agreements and we can group multiple customers in close proximity together, we are able to avoid trip and travel charges
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Easy Cal Program

Since 1931, the JP Bowlin Company has focused on providing tailored Calibration Programs to fit the requirements of our customers.  Our EASY CAL program allows our organization to build programs to assist your company with it’s calibration needs across a wide range of devices, industries and locations. Quality: Our experienced technicians calibrate your testing and
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Application Stories

A customer in the cosmetics industry needs scales for a yearly inventory.

A customer in the cosmetics industry needs scales for a yearly inventory.  They only need the scales once a year, but they need to print the results of their inventory.  They have specific resolution and accuracy requirements for their products because most of their products are liquids.  They also have specific requirements for what information must be printed on their inventory labels.

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A leading medical manufacturer has an R&D location that needed 3rd party calibrations

A leading medical manufacturer has an R&D location that is made up of numerous labs containing a variety of balances, pipettes and other measuring and laboratory devices.  This manufacturer did not want to perform their own equipment calibrations in house.  Instead, they would rather have a third party be in charge of their calibrations to ensure that good laboratory practices are followed and to avoid adding the costs of additional employees.

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